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  • Use Disney Gift Cards Purchased From Target to Save on Your Vacation

    Last year, I used gift Disney cards purchased from Target (used my debit card to save the 5%) to use for the purchase Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets and one regular park ticket.

    I called Disney, informed them of my desire to use the gift cards to pay for the tickets. The agent was helpful, she told me that they could not use more than 2 gift cards per ticket purchase. She also informed me that when trying to do this online some customers have experienced issues, so it is better to call Disney direct when using the gift cards each ticket basically had to be purchased separately and would all arrive on the same day, but all in their own envelopes.

    In the end, I was able to use the gift cards and save $20 by purchasing them from Target.

    The employees at my local Target told me that they had one man and his wife would come in every day for 2 weeks straight to buy Disney gift cards to pay off his trip to Disney. They saved 5% on each of their gift card purchases, giving them about a $280 is saving on their upcoming Disney trip.

    Here in Texas, you can only purchase $200 in gift cards per transaction (any gift cards).

    Don't want a credit card? Sign up for their debit card. You get the 5% and all other benefits without the high interest rates.

    You can purchase Disney gift cards not only to pay off your trip or for tickets, you can use the gift cards for meals at Disney World or shopping. I hope you find this tip helpful for planning your next Disney vacation.