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  • Staying on Walt Disney World Property, Here is the Lowdown!

    In the past articles we have talked about staying off property and renting Disney Vacation Club points, in this article we will talk about staying on property and the different levels of resorts; values, moderates, and deluxe.

    Making the decision to stay on property can be a tough one for some people, where is the perfect place for our family? Is there really a resort to fit everyone’s budget? These are the two main questions that DizDiva encounters most often, I hope to answer them in this article for you.

    Let’s start off with the value resorts. The value resorts are Disney’s All Star Movies Resort, Disney’s All Star Music Resort, Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, Disney’s Pop Century, and Disney’s Art of Animation.

    Each of the above resorts have theming specific to their name. If you love music, well the All Star Music resort is for you. If you love the Little Mermaid, a room at the Art of Animation is the perfect place for you.

    The values are basic amenities, they have themed pools, and food courts (no table service options). They are very spread out, so a lot of walking can be expected. They have the Disney bus transportation system on hand to talk you to any of the theme parks, water parks, or Downtown Disney.

    The rooms are roughly 260 square feet, so the maximum of 4 people can be in a value room. If you have a larger family some of the value resorts offer family suites, but come with a larger cost.

    The value resorts are a good choice if you are someone who just wants a room to sleep in and will not be spending much time at your resort.

    The next level of resorts at Walt Disney World are the moderate resorts. These resorts are Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, Port Orleans (French Quarter) and Port Orleans (Riverside). They offer a bit more than the value resorts. The square footage of the moderates are 314 square feet, with Caribbean Beach being at bit bigger at 340 square feet.

    Port Orleans (Riverside) and the Caribbean Beach Resort offer themed rooms if your little wants to really play the role of a pirate (pirate themed rooms located at the Caribbean Beach Resort) or if you have a princess who wants to live like Jasmine, Belle, or Tiana (located at Port Orleans – Riverside).
    At moderates you will find table service (except for Port Orleans - French Quarter where there is just a quick service). You can get pizza delivery to both Port Orleans properties and the Caribbean Beach. Coronado Springs offers a very limited room service menu.

    The pool areas are themed, and most of the moderates (not Port Orleans – French Quarter) have “quiet” pools for those wanting a more relaxing experience.

    The transportation to the parks is via the Disney bus service. At Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter you can catch a boat to Downtown Disney.

    Again, these properties can be very spread out (Port Orleans – French Quarter is the most condensed property), so be prepared for walking or taking a bus inside the resort to get to the main areas.

    If you are not going to spend much time exploring these resorts, then you may want to save the move and stick with a value. If space and relaxing at the resorts is important for you, then give a moderate a try.

    The next is the crème de la crème of Walt Disney World, the deluxe resorts. These resorts offer the most amenities, but do come with a much higher price tag. Remember, if you want to stay at a deluxe resort but think you can’t afford it try paying for your trip over time. Disney will allow you to pay out any of your packages, all you need is a $200 deposit and the package must be paid in full 45 days prior to your arrival. This can be done for value, moderate, or deluxe resorts.

    Back to the deluxe resorts. These resorts are Animal Kingdom Lodge, Beach Club, Boardwalk Inn, Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge and Yacht Club. These resorts range in size from 344 to 440 square feet, you can see they offer larger rooms for a family to spread out.

    At the deluxe resorts you can get a concierge room that includes snacks throughout the day and beverages. Concierge can help you with dining reservations if needed.

    The amenities at the deluxe resorts are top notch. You have in room private dining available, themed pools and quiet pools, health clubs, Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Beach Club, and Yacht Club have salons, there are babysitting services, and table service is available at these resorts; some offering a few up scaled dining choices.

    Transportation to the parks for each of these resorts are as follows;

    • Animal Kingdom Lodge uses bus services to the parks
    • Wilderness Lodge uses boat to Magic Kingdom and buses
    • Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian use boats to the Magic Kingdom, monorail to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, buses to the other parks.
    • Boardwalk Inn, Yacht Club, and Beach Club offer boat service to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, bus service to the other parks.

    The deluxe resorts each have their own beauty. We love the Boardwalk area resorts (Boardwalk Inn, Yacht Club, and Beach Club), because of their proximity to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. Some people prefer to be along the monorail resorts (Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and Contemporary), because they spend more time at the Magic Kingdom or have little ones. Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong with any of the deluxe resorts.

    Now, remember any of these resorts can be made into packages that include tickets and the dining plan. Sometimes if you are lucky you will find up to 30% off of a deluxe room at Disney or get free dining when you buy a Disney package at full price.

    Disney will also periodically send out “pin codes” to people who have a registered email address with their website. These “pin codes” can offer discounts on rooms or packages. It cost nothing to sign up on Disney.com, and you could end up with an awesome deal from Disney in your email inbox!

    You can also get deals on Disney property hotel rooms by using Travelocity.com or Orbitz.com. For more of a saving signup with Ebates.com and use the Travelocity or Orbitz link through them to get money back on your hotel stay. Ebates.com will also have any promotional codes that you code use on checkout from either of the travel sites listed above. DizDiva used Travelocity recently for a one stay at Boardwalk Inn. With using a promotional code (summer50) on Travelocity, getting 4.0% back from Ebates.com and a $10 Target gift card for spending more than $25 with Ebates.com, the total for that one night stay was $289.00! Not a bad deal for a deluxe room on Walt Disney World property.

    You can also chose to have a travel agent book your trip for you if you do not want to do the booking yourself. I have seen travel agents offer gift cards for booking a trip with them. Do your research and go with an agency that others have recommended.

    As you can see Disney certainly has a room for everyone taste and wallet!